The Best iPhone 7 Screen Replacement Kit to Buy in 2019

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Many users will inevitably come to know the pain of a broken iPhone 7 screen. With larger and larger displays covering a greater proportion of each phone’s face, modern touchscreen smartphones are more susceptible to cracks than ever before.

iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus users will suffer a lot, as the cost of replacing the screen out of warranty is more expensive than the phone already. Some people may choose to simply use their iPhone with the cracked screen, others will simply replace the screen themselves or use a service for that.

In the coming paragraph you will learn about the type of iphone 7 screen replacement available on the market and which type is the best one to order to repair your phone.

Different types of iPhone 7 Screen

There are two quality of iPhone 7 screen replacement in the market right now, OEM Refurbished Screen and Premium After Market Screen

OEM Refurbished

OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer,” and refers to products that are made by the original manufacturer (in this case Apple).

OEM Refurbished iPhone screen replacement is when only the front glass has been replaced by a professional technician and all other parts of the screen are original (OEM)

You rarely see refurbished screens described as such, because they’re often marketed as OEM display kits cause normally this type of screen look new and the parts are 99% original, but in general they are taken from another iPhone 7 that was repaired and had its own screen replaced.

Premium Copy Aftermarket iPhone Screen

Aftermarket screen replacement kits are produced by a different manufacturer (Mostly Chinese Companies) and haven’t vetted by Apple’s process.

They look almost the same as OEM but you can face some issues in the long run like

  • Suffers from burn-in.
  • Hard to see in sunlight (more so than original iPhone screen).
  • Not as bright.
  • Shows stress when pressed in certain areas.
  • Weird banding effect.
  • Almost UN-usable in bright sunlight.
  • Picture clarity & brightness diminish
  • Glass is typically fragile as well and breaks easier than the OEM product
  • Price is cheaper

Which one is the best to buy?

It’s clear that buying an OEM Refurbished iPhone 7 screen replacement kit is the best choice for restoring your iPhone’s display quality. They’re much more expensive than Chinese aftermarket screen replacements, but they’re still significantly cheaper than passing your out-of-warranty iPhone over to an Apple service center.

If you care about Quality and want to have almost the same screen your phone came with, we highly suggest you to go with OEM Refurbished screen replacement.

But if you just looking to have your iPhone screen repaired to have access to your apps and data, don’t care about quality you can go with premium after market screen, honestly a lot of people are using copy screen but remember quality are way more different and you will see this.

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