How to replace your iPhone 6s Screen ( Quick Guide)

How to replace an iPhone 6s screen step by stpe guide

  • Unscrew the two-3.6 mm-long pentalobes screws next to the lighting dock
  • cover the iPhone with clear strips of packing tape cover. This prevents further breakage or bodily harm from the glasses during the suction.
  • Slowly and carefully use a metal spudger or fingernails to separate the glass from the iPhone. Start at the bottom and proceed to the top.
  • Once the bottom and top of the screen are loose, you can you use iStack or a single suction up to lift the glass panel. All you need to do is press the suction cup on the glass panel above the home button and raise it slowly. If you still can’t pull the front panel, use the metal spudger to separate it.
  • Unscrew two Phillips screws battery bracket next to the logic board.
  • Disconnect the battery connector from the logic board using a spudger
  • Next, start removing the old iPhone 6s screen from the logic board. Here you need to target 5 Phillip screws (keep them in a separate place to make assembling easier) three 1.2 mm screws One 1.7 mm screw, and One 3.1 mm screw
  • Use a spudger to carefully disconnect the following parts, front-facing camera, sensor cable connector, home button cable connector, and digitizer cable connector.
  • Pull the front panel slowly from the rear case and then unscrew the two 1.9 mm Phillips screws next to the home button bracket.
  • Using a spudger again disconnect the home button connector, push it up away from the home button.
  • Great job separating all the adhesives. Our replacement will come with extra Philips screws to start assembling again.
  • Replace the screen and follow the steps backward from disassembling.

The Ultimate Buying Guide for iPhone 6s Screen Replacement

If you’ve never had your iPhone 6s screen break, you might need to start playing the lottery because you might be the only person who’s that lucky. When your iPhone screen breaks, it can make looking at what you want to see next to impossible as well as just being irritating.

Luckily, you don’t have to replace your entire iPhone just because the screen broke. You may not even have to spend too much to get a perfect new screen.

How to choose an iPhone 6s Screen Replacement

There are two options when you get an iPhone 6s screen replacement kit. These are either OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer, or copy screens that are typically made in China. Either of these types of screens can technically work with your iPhone, but there are differences that might give you pause.

An OEM screen is the best one and exactly the same kind of screen as your original one – except that it’s brand new and not broken. The copy screen is a knockoff that’s made by an entirely different company mostly Chinese.

OEM vs Copy Screens What’s the Difference?

There are so many differences between OEM and copy screens.

First off, a copy screen is going to have a “washed out” look to it. These screens tend to have far less resolution, so you will never get the sharpness of an original iPhone screen. Since the screen is so important to see what you want on your iPhone, it can feel like you’ve downgraded the entire device, when all that’s really changed is the screen.

The touch is never going to be the same with a knockoff screen. You know how your iPhone is super responsive and seems to almost know what you’re going to do before you do it? Well, the “new” knockoff screen is going to be a pain because it will never be that sharp.

The digitizer, the part that knows where on the screen you’re touching, just isn’t as responsive. So you’ll have to click the same thing twice, or it will register as you clicking on something you weren’t trying to click.

You might end up breaking the new screen by throwing your iPhone after awhile.

Your iPhone was designed with a particular kind of screen in mind, and using anything else can hurt your battery life. It can also cause lag, where what you’re doing will drag on and on instead of happening with the speed you’re used to.

Do you ever use the fingerprint reader? Well, if you use a copy screen you can pretty much kiss that goodbye.

The last but not the least reason that using a copy screen is just a bad idea is that these kinds of screens are not very resilient to ordinary use. Getting a copy screen might be cheaper YES for a while, but it isn’t cheap enough to replace the screen twice or three times over your iPhone’s life because the screen just keeps breaking again and again.

How to spot a Fake vs Original iPhone 6s screen

Shops that don’t supply you with original or OEM parts will use clever marketing to skirt this fact. They’ll say things like “Grade A” or “AAA Quality Parts,” which mean absolutely nothing. This lets the supplier avoid breaking copyrights, and too many people fall for this.

Another trick some suppliers will use is to “upsell” you a “better” screen that is still a knockoff. It’s still cheaper than the original, which should trigger your Spidey Sense, but it’s more expensive than the “Grade A” screen the signs mention.

A real iPhone screen is going to have an IC chip on the flex cable that connects the screen to the main board of the phone. This is something a knockoff simply won’t have.

How much does it cost to replace a broken iPhone 6s Screen?

Since a lot of the phone’s utility comes from the screen, the price to have Apple just replace your screen is pretty reasonable. Often, the charge is in the $129 to $279 range. Many unscrupulous dealers will repair your phone for around $100, but the downside is that they will use a shoddy part in their “repair.” Again, it is a lot more likely to break before your device has reached the end of its life than it is to go into trading up later on, so there really isn’t a savings there.

How long does it take to replace iPhone 6s screen?

Money is important, but so is time. Some older people may remember what it was like to walk around without a phone in their pocket, but most people don’t want to go back to those days unless absolutely necessary. When you drop off your phone with a pro to have the screen repaired, it can take 3 to 5 business days or more. That’s a lot of time without your phone, and that can be a huge hassle.

Can i fix iPhone 6s screen myself?

A lot of people don’t believe this, but it is actually possible to replace your own iPhone screen. All you need to do is get an iPhone screen replacement kit. For some models of iPhone, you can get a screen replacement kit for as little as $30 to $70, and you can replace it in a few minutes. This practically takes downtime out of the equation altogether and is a substantial saving without cutting corners with your quality.

When your screen breaks, it sucks. The good news is, you can replace it yourself, with a quickness, using a screen kit that’ll make your phone feel brand-new. Plus you can do this without spending as much as having a shop replace it with a sub-par knockoff part.