The Guide to Buying an iPhone Screen Replacement Kit in 2019

Many phone users will inevitably come to know the pain of a broken screen. With larger and larger displays covering a greater proportion of each phone’s face, modern touchscreen smartphones are more susceptible to cracks and other damage than ever before.

iPhone users will suffer a lot, as the cost of replacing the screen out of warranty rivals a budget smartphone already. Some may choose to simply endure the cracked screen if they can, but this comes with a whole host of dangers to the phone.

Thankfully, there are a lot of screen replacements that can get the job done without a hitch—well, for the most part. Not all iPhone screen replacements are made equal, unfortunately. In this guide, we take a look at the landscape for iPhone screen replacement kits and discuss how to choose one.

Why Should You Replace Your iPhone’s Damaged Screen?

Aside from being a nuisance that ruins the experience of using your phone, a cracked screen can add to your woes in other unique ways.

First, the sharp cracks and edges of a cracked display can hurt your fingers as you use your device, which can lead to injury and infection if you’re not careful. This is an especially dangerous risk with phone touchscreens, which are exposed to a lot of dirt and are rarely cleaned properly.

In addition, your iPhone’s waterproofing may be compromised by the screen, as water can get into the device through the cracks and damage even more components.

There’s also the risk of further damage to other components of the phone if the damaged screen is left as is.

For example, the digitizer beneath the display could start taking in the dust, which will reduce touch responsiveness and even hamper operation. It would definitely be best to send the phone in for a comprehensive diagnosis and repair session after such damage.

The Official Cost Of Replacing An iPhone Screen

The most expensive way to replace a phone screen is to run it through official Apple stores.

If you’ve purchased an AppleCare+ protection plan, and your phone is still within the coverage terms, then replacing a damaged screen will cost $29 no matter what your device is.

However, if you aren’t covered by Apple Care, then you’ll have to spend between $129 to $329 depending on your iPhone model

The Best iPhone Screen Replacement Kits

A cheaper alternative to the official channels is to buy a screen replacement kit from a third-party seller.

Each screen replacement kit includes the display itself, glued to a piece of glass that represents the front of the phone, as well as the digitizer that controls the touchscreen, and the frame that holds the assembly in place.

The market is flooded with screen replacement kits for every iPhone. Unfortunately, they’re not all of the same quality.

OEM Screen Replacement Kits

OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer,” and refers to products that are made by one manufacturer, to be rebranded by another manufacturer.

OEM screen replacement kits make use of actual iPhone displays produced by Apple’s suppliers, which means that they’ve passed the rigorous performance standards for iPhone components.

Using one of these with your iPhone means that your new display will be functionally identical to your old one, and would also be the same as whatever AppleCare would have provided.

Aftermarket Screen Replacement Kits

Aftermarket screen replacement kits are produced by a different manufacturer and have not been vetted by Apple’s process. These may not have the same quality control as a real OEM iPhone screen, and may not last as long as one either.

Aftermarket screens may exhibit any number of problems, from “cooler” or “warmer” display color temperatures, to lower brightness and even touchscreen issues. They may also use cheaper parts, such as a weaker adhesive that sticks the glass to the display, which may affect image quality.

However, not all aftermarket screens are of low quality. You may hit the jackpot and get something that’s almost as good. That said, it’s still a gamble to pick one of these just because they’re cheaper.

Refurbished Screen Replacement Kits

Sometimes you’ll end up with a screen from another iPhone that was repaired and had its own screen replaced. You rarely see refurbished screens described as such, because they’re often marketed as OEM display kits.

Your mileage will vary with such replacements. Sometimes they’re indeed an OEM display, but glued to a piece of glass that may or may not be the same as the original iPhone glass. Other times they’re defective displays that didn’t work with their original phone, but will somehow work with a new phone.

The Best iPhone Screen Replacement

It’s clear that getting an OEM screen replacement kit is the best choice for restoring your iPhone’s display quality. They’re not much more expensive than aftermarket screen replacements, and they’re still significantly cheaper than passing your out-of-warranty iPhone over to an Apple service center.

Performing the actual replacement yourself isn’t hard at all, only requiring a little elbow grease and a couple of replacement screws. Fire up a couple of YouTube tutorials with a little soothing music, and you’ll have a brand-new iPhone replacement screen up and running in just a few minutes.

If you want the best bang for your buck when performing DIY screen replacement, you’ll always be better off with a trusted seller of OEM screen replacement kits, or high-quality aftermarket screens with excellent quality control.

Choose us as your supplier for your brand-new iPhone screen, and you’re sure to be pleased with the results. We make sure that we only serve you with the best replacement kits, which contain everything you need and are easy to use.

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