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Buy iPhone SE Screen Replacement Kit


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If Apple Care+ doesn’t cover you or it is an expensive choice to make for your damaged iPhone SE’s screen, one of the few choices left to you is to order an iPhone SE Screen Replacement Kit online, enlisting a repair technician or less expensive still, make a do-it-yourself fix. When your iPhone SE develops a fault, Premium iPhone Parts is ready to help.

Our replacement kit contains everything you need to replace your cracked, shattered, dead pixels, liquid-damaged, or wrong iPhone SE screen repaired/replaced.


1 x LCD screen replacement for iPhone SE
1 x repair kit
1 x User manual

Important tips

  • Make sure your SE is powered off before screen repair is carried out.
  • You should ensure the phone’s battery is disconnected before attempting the fix, to avoid a battery explosion, though rare to occur.
  • Follow details of instruction manuals, and if you’re in doubt, watch a replacement video tutorial.
  • There should be no messing with the screws. Make sure the right screws are getting in their right holes. You don’t want to attempt a screen replacement to generate a circuit and logic board damage.
  • Make sure there are no particles or debris on the screen connector.

Installation steps

  • Remove the SIM holder by using a card pin.
  • Unscrew the device by simply using the Pentalobe screwdriver.
  • Carefully open the device’s screen using the plastic pry tool, sucker
  • Remove the device’s battery flex cable and the battery itself.
  • Remove the metal cover by undoing the screws holding them.
  • Disconnect and remove the screen accessories such as the cable connectors of the digitizer, front camera, home button and the screen.
  • Replace the screen and carry out installation steps according to how you made the disassembly.

You should have no problem fixing your screen yourself even when you don’t have the basics of phone repairs. The instruction manuals also give more clear-cut steps on replacing your iPhone SE. However, a quick tutorial on fixing your phone’s screen can be followed on YouTube for an error-free repair experience.

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