Why iPhone 8 is still expensive?

Apple’s iPhone 8 is undoubtedly one of the most expensive smart phones built to date. The device not only comes with an astounding plethora of tech and user-interface features but also has aesthetics that are hard to overlook. However, its market price remains high particularly given the fact that Apple has already released newer upgrades like the iPhone X.

A lot of factors can be credited for this steep price but what contributes the most is its overall high cost of production. The device features numerous costly tech upgrades from previous versions as shown below:

3D-touch integration onto OLED display

Most Android smart phones and earlier iPhone versions are equipped with TFT and LCD displays. IPhone 8, however, integrates the more pricey OLED display tech. In addition, the cost of incorporating 3D-touch tech onto OLED display is much higher than in LCD-TFT settings. This keeps iPhone 8’s production cost higher than most past iPhone versions and one of the key reasons behind its higher market price.

3D sensing tech in the camera

One feature that makes the iPhone 8 stand out is its dual lens camera. Integrating 3D sensing tech into the device’s camera pushes its production and, consequently purchase price considerably high.

Touch ID tech

The iPhone 8 is built with a high-priced fingerprint sensor mounted into its front display.
Other cutting-edge tech integrations

Built with a non-removable Li-Ion battery pack, the iPhone 8 incorporates top-of-the-game fast battery charging and wireless charging tech. These modern innovations attract high integration costs, thus contributing to the overall high market price of the device.


Manufacturing the iPhone 8 requires considerably high inputs in tech. With its brilliant 3D OLED display, 3D touch module, fast and wireless charging tech among other integrations, it comes as no surprise that this device is among the priciest iPhones on the market today.

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